Bruce Weide

Faculty Emeritus, Computer Science and Engineering


Prof. Bruce W. Weide received his BSEE from the University of Toledo in 1974 and his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1978.  He then joined the faculty of The Ohio State University.  His research and teaching focused on component-based software design, and particularly on its formal specification and verification—in short, on the closely related problems of how to state precisely and formally what software is supposed to do, and then to prove mathematically that it does just that.  His research group's work was supported almost continuously for three decades by the National Science Foundation.  Prof. Weide advised over 30 PhD students, many of whom have taken on major leadership roles in their distinguished academic and industry careers.  On the instructional front, Prof. Weide won numerous teaching awards from the local to the international level, including the IEEE Computer Society's inaugural Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2000 (jointly with his colleague Prof. Timothy J. Long) and the University System of Ohio's inaugural Textbook Faculty Innovator Award in 2009 (also with Prof. Long).  Prof. Weide retired in 2013 and is currently Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Engineering. 


Component-based software; formal specification; formal verification; computer science education.