Peer to Peer Advising

Peer to Peer Advising

Our mission is to support student connection in the CSE/CIS majors. Due to the exacerbated distance we all have in relation to online learning, we decided to expand our programming from only working with first year students to offering peer to peer meetings in an online advising setting for ALL students in our majors.

Peer Mentors can help students with info and/tips on the following:

  • Feedback on CSE courses and GE choices
  • Feedback on choosing a major specialization
  • Running an Advising report
  • Running a Degree Audit in PDF form, and a “What If” degree audit for another major
  • How to use schedule planner
  • How to use Engineering Career Services, registering w/ ECS and creating a Handshake profile
  • How to find admit to major information
  • Tips on completing a 4 Year Degree plan
  • How to find Enrollment Window information
  • How to complete Financial Responsibility Statement 
  • How to find the Important Dates info on the Registrar’s website
  • How to sign up for an appointment or drop in with an advisor
  • Note: For questions on Pass/No Pass, withdrawal, petitions, course enrollment, refer to CSE Advising during drop-in times, appointments or e-mail 
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4-5 and Friday 8-9 (for students abroad)

***There will be no Peer to Peer Advising during the SP21 Instructional Breaks***

Virtual Peer to Peer Advising through Zoom is available throughout the semester. A webcam is not required. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Click here for instructions.

Reminder: You do not sign up in advance for Peer to Peer Advising, you check in during the listed hours.


Note: For questions on Pass/No Pass, withdrawal, Course Pre-Requisites, petitions, registration, course enrollment, waivers, approval of course, conflict issues, please see a CSE Advisor during Drop in times or Appointments.

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