CAEIA Resources

Library Resources

The Ohio State University has a rich collection of resources related to information assurance and cybersecurity. Here are some important ones; please note that these require the user to be on-campus:

  1. ACM Digital Library
  2. IEEE Digital Library
  3. Mobile networks and applications
  4. Transactions on networking
  5. Search the OSU Libraries
OSU Security Resources

These resources are maintained by the OSU Security Group.

  1. IT Security Information Risk Management Program
  2. IT Security Framework
  3. Information Security Standard (ISS)
  4. Information Security Control Requirements (ISCR)
  5. Institutional data policy and supporting documentation
  6. Security Advisory Board
  7. Blog entry
  8. Blogs of key members of the security group:
Collaborative Efforts
  1. OSU and the Battelle Memorial Institute (headquartered in Columbus, Ohio) have been collaborating on teaching students computer security knowledge and skills through participation in Capture the Flag contests. The effort is geared toward equipping students with additional information security "hard skills" to better equip them for jobs in the information security field, to help OSU and Battelle in their efforts to recruit talented and knowledgeable employees for IT security positions, and ultimately, to assist both groups in improving the skills and knowledge of their current IT security employees. The group meets every Tuesday night and has about a dozen active participants so far. The website for the group is at
  2. Other groups that the OSU Security Group are active in include:
Other useful resources
  1. DHS
  2. NSA
  3. The ACM Special Interest Group on Security
  4. United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)
  5. National Insititute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Computer Security Resource Center
  6. Honeynet Project
  7. National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies
  8. National CyberSecurity Alliance (NCSA)
  9. Security standards

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